Our COVID-19 Journey

Since we first learned about COVID-19, the company has been using its skillset to help detect the virus. While nobody quite expected the virus's impact on all our lives, it has led us on quite a journey so far. Click below to learn more.

December 2019

Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, China, reported cases of Pneumonia in Wuhan and the novel coronavirus was eventually identified.

January 2020

Based on experience with SARS and MERS and known modes of transmission of respiratory viruses, guidance on the virus began to emerge. With China publicly sharing the genetic sequence of COVID-19.

March 2020

Cases of COVID-19 had reached the UK.

Launch of the SureScreen Rapid Antibody Test.

By using this test, people could isolate themselves early if they tested positive for IgM, and with regular screening could ascertain if they had COVID-19 by showing positive for IgG. Afterall, prevention is better than cure so we began by approaching our customers and distributors worldwide as cases rose in eastern Europe.

September 2020

Launch of the first SureScreen Rapid Antigen Test.

We had been working hard since June to innovate an additional test to detect COVID-19 and it was finally ready to be used. Antigen tests for the raw virus, rather than testing for the body’s reaction to it (antibody). Allowing for even earlier detection of the virus, and earlier isolation for the patient.

October 2020

Saw the set up SureScreen Australia and SureScreen Ireland.

January 2021

We’d got our Version 2 COVID-19 Antigen test through stage 3 of trials.

SureScreen was the first UK company to have a test validated for the UK market.

March 2021

Launch of the SureScreen Antigen Saliva Test.

May 2021

Version 3 of our test gained approval, which gave a slightly better performance in a couple of areas, and used more widely available materials in its construction.

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