Drug & Alcohol Testing is important in Safety Critical Workplaces

Working in a industry where employees have ‘safety critical’ roles, it is important that they remain alert and unimpaired at all times. The effects of drug and alcohol abuse can be wide reaching. It can cause injury to your staff and the general public, cause high absenteeism, slow your business processes and ultimately lose you money.

If would like to learn how drug and alcohol abuse can affect your business please check out our ‘Top 10 Reasons to test for Drugs and Alcohol‘.

Workplace Drug & Alcohol Facts & Figures

  • 20-30% of workplace accidents can be associated with alcohol in safety-critical industries such as construction (NHS, 2006).
  • 27% of employers say drug misuse is a problem at work while 60% have experienced problems due to staff drinking alcohol (Alcohol Concern, 2010).
  • 33% of employees admit to being at work with a hangover from the night before, which they accept impacts directly on their own productivity and safety (Institute of Alcohol Studies, 2015).
  • 17 million working days a year are lost in England due to alcohol-related sickness, with more than a third of adults admitting to having used illegal drugs (Health and Safety at work, 2007).
  • £12.2 billion is spent each year on alcohol-sickness absence costs in the UK (Faculty of Public Health, 2006).
  • 3 million deaths a year are a result of harmful drugs and alcohol use (World Health Organisation, 2015).

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