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Why is Drug & Alcohol Testing Important in Rail?

Concentration, co-ordination and being of a sound mind when working in a rail environment is critical, not just to the success of a project, but for the individual and those working nearby.

Accidents as a result of impairment or intoxication can be catastrophic and not only stop work, but damage reputations. Working with large machinery such as trains comes with it’s own unique set of danger areas of which any impairment, no matter how severe, could be fatal.

Deterring drugs and alcohol from the workplace by implementing a drug and alcohol policy, and enforcing it with drug and alcohol screening is the most efficient method of reducing these risks.

What SureScreen products are best for you?

For Cause, Accidents or Suspicion

When detection needs to fast and reliable, and identify members of staff who are are under the influence of drugs, Oral Fluid is the best and quickest method to give you the information you need on site.  Simply taking a sample using a swab in the mouth, you can easily test for up to 10 different drug types. For these instances we suggest using the SureSwab 6 panel or SureSwab 10 panel which can test for 6 or 10 different drug types.

You also need to test for Alcohol to make sure that it isn’t a contributing factor. We have accurate Alcometers which can instantly tell you the blood to alcohol ratio of the person being tested.

For recent historical use, random testing or pre-employment

If you need to test for more long-term use, then we recommend Urine. We have have an Integrated Cup that can test for up to 10 different drugs types. Our integrated cup products are class-leading, and are designed for those who want to conduct drug testing in a simple and cost-effective manner.