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Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing is important as drugs and alcohol abuse at work can cause a dramatic risk to employers & employee’s safety.

There’s never been a better reason to start a workplace drug and alcohol screening programme. It is imperative that your staff are alert and unimpaired at all times whilst on duty.

Drugs of abuse testing should be part of every health and safety policy.

Drug Screening at work can help you with:

  • Reducing your liability and risks as an employer
  • Improving health and safety (particularly in safety-critical environments)
  • Reducing absenteeism & improving productivity
  • Reduce the risks and liability cost’s to your organisation’s brand & reputation

SureScreen can help you by providing high quality test kits, alcohol meters along with training and a no-obligation consultation.

We’re with you from start to finish of your workplace Drug Screening programme.

*The cost to employers of sick days due to drink is estimated at £1.7bn (IAS, 2009)