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Which one of these 5 Drinker Types are you?

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A recent study has found a link between a genetic mutation and behaving particularly recklessly after drinking alcohol. The link between genes and how you react to Alcohol is more apparent than you initially might think.

Below is the list of Drinker types, which one are you?

The Big Drinker

Alcohol bio-type: THIQ

Alcohol to you is like spinach to Popeye, you can drink all day showing little sign of being drunk or displaying any negative effects. Alcohol gives you energy and improves your performance; perfect for those Sunday drinking marathons.

However, as a result of your ‘alcofuel’ you can become compulsive and you’re more likely to develop liver problems in later life. What would Olive Oyl say? Oh, dear!

The Teenager

Alcohol bio-type: Allergic addicted

Moody, changeable, unpredictable and struggling to get up the morning after? No you haven’t regressed back to your teens, you’re actually an allergic addicted alcohol bio-type!

This particular bio-type can be traced back to Northern European or American Indian ancestry, so you’ve only got your genes to blame I’m afraid.

Allergic addicted bio-types have a tendency to be socially disruptive, start fights and arguments, display irrational or bizarre behaviour and sometimes indulge in criminal acts.

It might be worth staying in playing video games and rebelling against your parents…

The Eater

Alcohol bio-type: PGE1 Deficient

It only takes a drop of alcohol to enter your mouth before your stomach gurgles and you start craving pizzas, burgers and fried chicken.

Depressed or feeling down, you might use alcohol to improve your mood.

This bio-type is particularly prevalent in Scottish, Welsh, Irish, and Scandinavian descendants and may explain the invention of the deep-fried Mars bar.

The Sleeper

Alcohol bio-type: Hypoglycemic

Just thinking of drinking is making you sleepy…yawn.

You have a low tolerance for Alcohol and after a short burst of energy you start to feel light-headed, weak, sleepy and display a lack of co-ordination, possibly how you act when you wake up in the morning!

Sometimes misidentified as an out of control drinker you will be the one running off to the take-away at the end of a night.

But it’s not all bad, you’re bio-type suffers from terrible hangovers too.

The Risk Taker

Alcohol bio-type: Dopamine deficient

One of the more alarming bio-types, typically associated with gamblers, sexual promiscuity, compulsive overeating, drug taking, and alcoholism.

Someone who is Dopamine deficient may have chronic boredom, lack of satisfactory feeling, fatigue, decrease in physical energy and undesirability for exercise; mixed with alcohol consumption can lead to dangerous consequences.

See your GP if you suspect a Dopamine deficiency, it’s a simple test and they will be able to provide steps to control the effects.


Did you spot yourself? The truth is that you could easily be any combination the types listed above. Alcohol affects everyone differently but it is important to recognise how it can impact your life and others around you.

For help and advice or general information on Alcohol, please see

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