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Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Our laboratory offers an unrivalled range of services, from substance testing to full forensic investigation. Below are listed a few of our services.

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Hair analysis provides upto a 3 month drug history for a wide…
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We offer a full laboratory testing service for drugs, tablets and other…
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Standard 5-7 day turnaround service for urine laboratory confirmation screening.
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3-5 day turnaround service for urine laboratory confirmation screening.
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Standard 3-5 day turnaround service for oral fluid laboratory confirmation screening.
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What is 'Chain of Custody'?

Chain of custody is a term given to the process of securing a sample of oral fluid, urine, hair or other substance for transport to the laboratory for either confirmation analysis, or identification analysis. In all of these situations, it is crucial that the sample isn't tampered with, adulterated or substituted. Adhering to a robust 'chain of custody' procedure, with often includes uniquley identifed and secure packing, ensures that the result from the lab. can be trusted.