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Alcostick Alcohol Blood Test

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Alcostick Alcohol Blood Test, the world’s first and only blood alcohol meter. Ideal for repeat testing, and offers huge cost savings to hospitals and Accident & Emergency services in comparison to laboratory testing. This device gives semi-quantitative results, split into 5 categories to prevent complications with law and reduce the burden of consent.

  • Accuracy of +/-10% BAC at 0.5 BAC
  • Swabs with handle for safe hygenic testing
  • Measures in %BAC, g/l and mg/l
  • Long life platinum fuel cell
  • Results in 2 minutes
  • Large and clear LCD display
  • Great price, and fast delivery

Packaged with:

  • 5 swabs
  • 2 x AA batteries
  • Product insert

Designed to detect all levels of alcohol intoxication and overdose.