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SureScreen / Products / Drug Testing / Oral Fluid Tests / 6 Parameter Oral Fluid Drugs of Abuse Test Cassette

6 Parameter Oral Fluid Drugs of Abuse Test Cassette

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Different cut-offs are available where stated.

Test Retention Time Cut Off
Amphetamine (AMP) 72 hours 50ng/ml
Cannabis (THC) 14 hours 12ng /ml
Cocaine (COC) 24 hours 20ng /ml
Methadone (MTD) 48 hours 30ng / ml
Methamphetamines (MAMP) 72 hours 50ng / ml
Opiates (MOP/OPI) 48 - 72 hours 40ng / ml

Oral fluid is an ideal drug test medium because saliva drug levels relate to blood levels and hence indicate impairment. This easy to use test detects SIX DRUGS INCLUDING METHADONE, is very accurate and easy to read. The test takes 10 minutes.

  • Collect the oral fluid with the sponge swab
  • Plunge the swab into the collection vial several times to extract the fluid
  • Snap the vial top shut, and give the vial a shake to disperse the fluid
  • unscrew the cap
  • invert the vial and use it as a dropper to put one drop of fluid into each sample well
  • Once the fluid has absorbed, add a second drop
  • once this has absorbed, add a third drop
  • wait 10 minutes for the result
  • negative results can be read as soon as they appear, in a few minutes.