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C-Reactive Protein (CRP) 3 Cut-off Test

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C-reactive Protein, or ‘CRP’, is a naturally occurring bio marker which increases in concentration in response to inflammation in the body.

CRP is produced by our bodies as a catalyst in the ‘complement system’, which is a natural process of voiding the body of damaged or defunct cells and bacteria. We all have a base level of CRP to maintain healthy cell turnover, but it’s important to know if levels are abnormally high, as it may be due to an underlying issue.

The CRP response is swift, and within just 2 hours of onset of inflammation our CRP levels can rise as much as 50,000 fold, making the detection of CRP an ideal marker for inflammation states, even if the patient isn’t exhibiting any symptoms.

Higher concentrations of CRP are synonymous with underlying infections or inflammation states, and the SureScreen CRP test features 3 parameters to give a quantitative result in a few minutes.

– Negative
– 10mg/L or above
– 40mg/L or above
– 80mg/L or above

We recommend using our 2 rapids tests together, especially if the result is above 10mg/L on Test 1.