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Cube Reader

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Rapid lateral flow tests form a critical part of patient care.
The accuracy of these products are excellent, and they are routinely used to diagnose and monitor many conditions, from drugs of abuse, through to feminine care and monitoring health conditions.
Creating a record of screening is required in many situations, and in some cases it is useful to have a semi-quantitative result from a lateral flow test. In some situations, the test will show a faint line, so handing the decision to an ‘electronic eye’ for a second opinion is a useful option.
SureScreen’s Cassette Cube Reader addresses these needs in a convenient and intelligent way. With a one button operation and RFID card calibration for each lot of product, the SureScreen Cube Reader is easy to use, and gives a dependable result in around 3 seconds.
  • The World’s smallest lateral flow reader
  • One button operation- Perfect for the clarification of faint lines, or use in dubious light levels
  • Quantitative & qualitative results
  • Adaptable for any lateral flow cassette
  • RFID card with each product lot calibrates the Cube Reader to the test
  • Data stored and transferred by usb lead