Drug Awareness Course

As part of our core offerings, SureScreen Diagnostics offer a drug awareness programme, providing a credible alternative to dismissal while supporting the employee and managing the risk associated with drug use.

An Alternative to Dismissal

Our drug awareness course offers a credible alternative to dismissal, it helps employers deal with drug abuse in the workplace without higher rates of staff turnover.

Course Outline

Our drug awareness course is an educational programme to help employers & employees understand the effects of drug abuse in both personal life and in the workplace. The programme covers topics such as:

  • The effect of drugs and alcohol on your body.
  • The risks associated with drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace and how to reduce them.
  • Putting drug and alcohol policy rules into context.
  • Tools and techniques to help individuals change their lifestyle choices.

All employees who participate will need to sign up to our declaration which can be kept on your HR files.

Who is this course for?

Our drug awareness course is designed for employees who have:

  • Denied having a substance misuse dependency problem.
  • Believe they can change their recreational drug or alcohol consumption and are committed to doing so.
  • Are committed to participating in the programme, including follow up, unannounced, testing.
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