Our values and purpose

Our values and purpose

Our values are the guiding principles for our behaviour, encapsulating the essence of our culture. Our values demonstrate our commitment to our customers and one another, instilling a sense of pride in what we do.

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We believe early and precise drug screening and health diagnosis, reduces the time to intervention, leading to improved safety and enhanced lives.​

Our mission is to deliver industry-leading, innovative drug screening and health products of the highest quality when they are most needed.​ Responding to the ever-evolving needs of our valued customers and healthcare professionals, we are committed to creating a lasting impact.​

“SureScreen’s unwavering dedication to developing cutting-edge diagnostic tests is what sets it apart. Each day, I am inspired by the collective pursuit of excellence that resonates throughout the organisation. The emphasis on precision, reliability, and quality in our diagnostic solutions speaks volumes about our commitment to improving patient outcomes.”

“Being a part of SureScreen means actively contributing to advancements in healthcare and diagnostics. This makes us proud knowing that the work we do directly impacts individuals’ lives, aiding in the early detection and management of health conditions. This sense of purpose fuels our enthusiasm and drives us to continuously strive for excellence in what we do.”

– Andrew Wilcher, Chief Executive Officer

Our values

Make a difference
At SureScreen, we cultivate a growth mindset that enables us to learn and adapt quickly. Through robust problem-solving, we aim to continually surpass our achievements. We plan, communicate, collaborate and enjoy our work, because we are a unified team committed to achieving our goals.

Everyone matters
At SureScreen, we nurture diverse teams that value and welcome all perspectives. Demonstrating empathy, we treat others with respect and dignity, recognising the value of learning from each other. We are thoughtful with our interactions and create strong relationships with each other and our customers.

Excellence in all we do
At SureScreen, we have high standards and strive for excellence. We set clear goals, support our people with feedback, recognition, and celebrate success together. We invest in, lead, and develop our people because each individual is fundamental to our success.

Always curious
At SureScreen, we innovate and ask questions, because we have ambitious objectives and set high standards for ourselves. Research and development are at the core of what we do, where reflection and communication play vital roles in ensuring our products promptly meet customer needs. We challenge the norms and welcome change, empowering ourselves to help shape the future.

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