Employers advised to test workers for drink and drugs

2014 saw drink-driving in South West England cause 550 accidents; resulting in 780 casualties and 30 deaths.

225 driving related crimes happened solely in Weston-super-Mare in 2015 notwithstanding the Christmas campaign named ‘Operation Tonic’ to publicly name and shame drivers who were over the legal alcohol limit.

Alcohol and Drugs cost businesses in the region of £6 billion per year

Department for Transport

Currently there is no legal requirement for employers to have a drug and alcohol policy but the Government does advise employers to try and clampdown on drug and alcohol abuse.

Suzannah Robin, Alcohol and drug safety expert said: “In the UK there is no legal requirement for employing organisations to implement alcohol policies.

“Many more companies, particularly those in the transport industry or those operating heavy machinery, need to do more to improve standards not just for the safety of their employees but to protect the general public as well.”

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