Transferrin & Faecal Occult Blood Rapid Test Cassette

The FOB Rapid/Transferrin Test Cassette (Faeces) is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of Human Haemoglobin and Transferrin in Faeces,

The FOB/Transferrin Rapid Test Cassette (Faeces) is a rapid test to qualitatively detect low levels of Human Haemoglobin and Transferrin in faeces. The test uses a double antibody sandwich assay to selectively detect Human Haemoglobin at 10ng/ml or higher and Transferrin at 4ng/ml or higher. In addition, unlike guaiac assays, the accuracy of the test is not affected by the diet of the patients.


For professional use only

Key Benefits

Rapid one step test

Selectively detect Human Haemoglobin at 10ng/ml or higher

Results can be read in 5 minutes

Selectively detect Transferrin at 4ng/ml or higher

Accuracy not affected by diet

Point of care triage screening tool

Test Procedure

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Dr Rahul Batra, Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital

SureScreen lateral flow testing provided a result at the bedside within 10 mins which, when positive for symptomatic patients, enabled movement into a COVID-19 bay without delay.

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Cordell Health

SureScreen Diagnostics are very efficient in their responses when ordering consumables, offer excellent advice when we have drug queries and you have a user-friendly portal.

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Mac Clinical Research

Fantastic company! Excellent helpful customer service, efficient ordering, and delivery process.

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Premiership Rugby

Premiership Rugby and our Clubs have been working with SureScreen Diagnostics since March 2021. We have always received professional and prompt responses to all of our queries and orders.

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We have close and swift access to SureScreen Account Managers and received prompt answers to questions and impeccable deliveries. We are very satisfied with product quality and deliveries.

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