Drug & Health Screening Services

Benefit from over 25 years of experience in on-site work and insight, delivered in a professional manner around your requirements.

On-Site Testing

Minimise your investment into equipment and trained personnel by letting SureScreen look after your on-site screening.

Drug and Alcohol screening is available for random or for-cause scenarios 24hrs a day using fingerprint, oral fluid, urine, hair and breath tests.

Our experienced technicians visit your site with everything required to conduct screening to best practice, which is inline with EWDTS guidelines.

We have a wealth of experience in this field, so there aren't many scenarios we haven't come across. From preparing screening areas, obtaining samples effectively and talking through concerns or challenges with the donor, the process is well practised and time efficient.

This service includes location preparation, meeting the donor, obtaining consent, conducting screening, preparing laboratory confirmation samples under chain of custody and delivering samples to lab for analysis.

Occupational Health

With over 31 million working days lost each year due to work related illness and injury, occupational health forms an important prevention and monitoring tool for an efficient and forward-thinking organisation.

Our experienced technicians deliver pre-placement health assessment, health surveillance, mental health support, management referrals, health promotion and risk assessment.

On-Site Training Seminars

Packed full of relevant, interesting information, our training seminars educate on many aspects of drugs of abuse and alcohol before looking specifically at screening in the workplace.

The aim of these sessions is to instill each delegate with the knowledge to conduct testing to best practice standard for the products you implement in support of your drug and alcohol policy.

Subjects covered include awareness, drug types, signs and symptoms, policy and implementation, preparation, challenges, screening, laboratory confirmation and chain of custody.

Although many of our customers are workplace based, we also work with schools, charities and health care, to name but a few, and can produce a training session catered to your needs.

Drug & Alcohol Policy Review

A drug and alcohol policy can be one of those documents which sit around until there is an issue, and in some cases, amendments are required for it to be fit for purpose.

If you are looking to implement drug and alcohol screening in your organisation and are looking for policy review, or would like to make sure your paperwork is up to scratch, please get in touch.

Drug Awareness Course

As part of our core offerings, SureScreen Diagnostics offer a drug awareness programme, providing a credible alternative, supporting the employee and managing the risk associated with drug use.

Our programme is designed for employees who have either failed a point of care test, laboratory analysis, admission of drug use or refused to co-operate with their employers drug and alcohol policy.

Laboratory Services

A critical part of the drug testing process is laboratory confirmation. Having an analysis conducted on the sample of eccrine sweat, oral fluid, urine or hair shows exactly which metabolites are present and gives a legal standing to progress through the steps detailed in your policy.

As well as confirming a ‘non-negative’ screening result, the lab process confirms that any disclosure of medicines by the donor that cause a cross-reacting ‘non-negative’ are legitimate and not a decoy for a more serious substance.

Peace of mind for you as an employer and for your employee.

Our laboratory confirmation process is UKAS approved for all matrix.

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