Workplace Drug & Alcohol Screening and Collection

Many of our customers conduct rapid drug screening on-site, but for instances where that is not viable, our collection and screening service is the next best thing. Our expert team efficiently collect a sample from an individual for minimum fuss and time away from work. As well as collection, we can conduct rapid screening at the same time – giving you answers there and then.

Key Benefits

Simple reporting that keeps you compliant

Organise your workplace’s screening & testing solution

Reduce administrative burden

What is it?

Rapid screening is the best way to eliminate negative samples, but when you do have a positive (non-negative), you need to ascertain exactly what is causing the result. In this situation, we send the sample back to the laboratory to undertake confirmation testing. All processes are in accordance with UK and European Workplace Drug Testing Guidelines and Chain of Custody procedures. This includes:

  • Sample collection
  • Drug screening that detects the 10 most commonly abused drugs
  • Documentation to list any medication (where appropriate) and consent to test.
  • LCMS confirmation of any non-negative screens. This LCMS method will produce legally defensible results. A ‘fast track’ service is available as an option.
  • Result interpretation from a toxicology specialist if required.
  • An alcohol test (where required using an approved breath test monitor, including a second confirmatory test if required. This will produce legally defensible results.
  • The Collection Technician’s travel expenses and waiting time are included in an all-inclusive package

Drug and alcohol screening helps ensure a safer working environment by identifying employees who may be impaired by drugs or alcohol. This is particularly important in jobs that involve operating machinery, driving, or other safety-sensitive tasks. Introducing a screening program can also serve as a support system for employees struggling with substance abuse. Employers can provide resources for rehabilitation and assistance to help employees overcome their challenges.

Maintaining a drug-free workplace can positively contribute to the company’s reputation. This can be particularly important for businesses that want to attract clients, customers, or investors who value a commitment to a safe and healthy work environment.

How it works


Your Account Manager will work with you to understand the reason for on-site testing, and the number of donors before agreeing a suitable date/time.


We will need you to provide a clean and private meeting room. With at least one desk and two chairs for alcohol and oral fluid testing. If urine testing is being carried out, please provide a clean toilet located as close to the meeting room as possible with use restricted to us whilst the testing is being carried out.


Prior to commencement of the test, the individual(s) will be asked to provide photo ID. In cases where they do not have photo ID, a manager will be required to verify the individual(s). Donors should not consume food, drink or smoke for 15 minutes prior to the appointment time.


When all tests are completed, we will provide you with a report of the results. We can also discuss best practice guidance for any non-negative results.

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Dr Rahul Batra, Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital

SureScreen lateral flow testing provided a result at the bedside within 10 mins which, when positive for symptomatic patients, enabled movement into a COVID-19 bay without delay.

Covid-19 Testing

Cordell Health

SureScreen Diagnostics are very efficient in their responses when ordering consumables, offer excellent advice when we have drug queries and you have a user-friendly portal.

Drug Testing

Mac Clinical Research

Fantastic company! Excellent helpful customer service, efficient ordering, and delivery process.

Drug Testing
Alcohol Testing

Premiership Rugby

Premiership Rugby and our Clubs have been working with SureScreen Diagnostics since March 2021. We have always received professional and prompt responses to all of our queries and orders.

Endovab Care

We have close and swift access to SureScreen Account Managers and received prompt answers to questions and impeccable deliveries. We are very satisfied with product quality and deliveries.

Covid-19 Testing
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