Signs of Drug Abuse Series 2 – Cocaine

Welcome back to the “Signs of Drug Abuse” series. We’ve already looked at the signs of Marijuana use; now, we’re taking a closer look at cocaine and the symptoms users display.

Cocaine is known as the “party drug”. Known for keeping users energetic and awake, it also has negative side effects including anger, paranoia, and a lack of judgement.

If you’re worried that a co-worker may be using, there are some behavioural indicators that may give you a better idea before asking for help.

Mood swings. Someone on cocaine may behave erratically, showing signs of hostility and even aggressiveness.

Tired. Someone who regularly uses cocaine can show signs of tiredness including bags under the eyes and a general fatigued energy. They may be using sleeping tablets or alcohol to help them get to sleep as the cocaine is keeping them awake.

Financial problems. Someone regularly using may show signs of financial problems, even if they earn a lot of money. Cocaine is an expensive habit.

Loss of smell. Someone who snorts cocaine may lose their sense of smell, and could become victim to regular nosebleeds. They may also have a running nose.

Confidence. A user may be overly confident, talkative, and excitable, even if they are usually quiet or shy.

Deterioration of wellbeing. A consistent user may be nervous, jumpy, and agitated. They may struggle to sleep, and show signs of risky behaviour.

Physical symptoms. Things like dilated pupils, weight loss, and burn marks on the hands or lips may be signs of a user.

Withdrawal symptoms. If someone uses a lot of cocaine, then stops, they may show withdrawal symptoms including anxiety, depression and paranoia, as well as seizures or cardiac arrest.

If you’re worried someone you know or work with is using cocaine, it’s important to seek help – not only for their safety, but for yours too. We recommend speaking in confidence to your HR department or manager for advice – be as sensitive and professional as possible.

If you’re unsure what action to take, you can give SureScreen a call for private, confidential advice on 01332 365318.