SureScreen Diagnostics is 20 Years Young

Happy Birthday to us!

August 8th 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of SureScreen Diagnostics.

Back in 1996, the era of the Spice Girls, Independence Day, and Dolly the Sheep, SureScreen struck out into a new market, approaching HM Prisons to put in place methods for detecting inmates who were abusing illicit drugs.

Since those early days with just a handful of different drug test types, the range of diagnostics has grown, and immunoassay technology is now the preferred technology for diagnosing a range of states and conditions throughout the world; because the results are accurate, the tests are easy to use and cost efficient.

SureScreen Diagnostics produce around 9 million tests each year, meaning one of our products are helping someone every 4 seconds.

With a great customer focussed team and some exciting innovations on the horizon, its business as usual, but an exciting future for SureScreen Diagnostics.

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