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We are a British, award-winning family business providing quality rapid diagnostic products to customers across the globe.

We believe that early, accurate diagnosis is better than waiting for problems to arise, and a pro-active approach greatly benefits people’s health, identifies issues early in their development, prevents accidents from happening and has a positive effect on performance, productivity and reputation.

For over 20 years we’ve been supplying quality rapid diagnostics to a dynamic market that requires an innovative approach.

Our mission is to provide the best quality diagnostic products that meet and exceed our customer’s expectations at a fair price.

We achieve this through 8 values across 4 key areas.

Passion & Quality

Quality is our core value. The importance of diagnostic testing requires the utmost quality of products and the best possible service. We strive for continuous improvement and we’re passionate about the impact we make in people’s lives.

Innovation & Expertise

The drive to innovate means that we never sit still, and we are committed to using our expertise in developing cutting edge technologies for tomorrow’s challenges. We aim to bring the latest thinking to our customers, with a logical and scientific approach, ensuring they get the best results.

Customer Focus & Value

Our customers are at the forefront of our minds: and we aim to exceed our customer’s expectations. We want to understand their needs, provide innovative solutions, create efficiencies and build long-term relationships of trust, and value, at a fair price.

Efficiency & Professionalism

Our operations and customer service depends on efficient use of time and resources, with minimal waste, and we are dedicated in providing a slick, timely, reliable and professional service that can be depended upon.

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