Re-calibrate Your Alcohol Intake

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Precision is vital when making life-impacting decisions. Using an un-calibrated breathalyser undermines your alcohol testing, especially if  you are screening for zero-tolerance or the legal driving limit, and compromises any employment dispute.

Why use a breathalyser?

Being under the influence whilst at work or in control of a vehicle can have fatal consequences.

Did you know that:

  • Over the 2015/2016 Christmas period, Police arrested 396 offenders in a drink-driving crackdown.
  • A third of employees admitted to having been at work with a hangover
  • 15% reported having been drunk at work
  • 1 in 10 reported hangovers at work once a month; 1 in 20 once a week
  • Work problems resulting from hangovers or being drunk at work included difficulty concentrating; reduced productivity; tiredness and frequent mistakes
  • The majority of employers (77%) interviewed identified alcohol as a major threat to employee wellbeing and a factor encouraging sickness absence

Why re-calibrate?

SureScreen recommend the Alcometer is re-calibrated every 6 months or 500 times (whichever comes first). This is to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the results so that you can be confident in your alcohol screening, and your results are consistent.

For example, you suspect a worker is under the influence of alcohol. First thing to do would be to breathalyse them. The reading on the alcometer comes up as zero so you send them back into the workplace to carry on their duties. However, in this case the alcometer wasn’t reading accurately, this person was under the influence and as a result caused an accident leading to delay in your supply chain and harming your reputation.

Don’t get caught out! Call SureScreen Today on +44 (0) 1332 365318 or visit our Alcohol Testing products

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