Construction: Under the Influence

Why is Drug & Alcohol Testing Important in Construction?

Concentration, co-ordination and being of a sound mind when working in these environments is critical. It can be imperative to the success of a project, the individual and possibly those working nearby. Accidents as a result of impairment or intoxication can be catastrophic. It might stop work, damage reputations, and at worst cause injury.

The most efficient method of reducing workplace risks is implementing a drug and alcohol policy. Drug and alcohol screening can help enforce this. It is important, but can be difficult to raise awareness in your construction workforce. Investing in flyers and posters to put up around sites will reinforce your message. Holding quick informative sessions on-site using some interesting statistics on drug and alcohol abuse can be engaging and memorable whilst avoiding the formality of a lengthy presentation.

Construction Drug & Alcohol Facts and Figures:

  • 20-30% of workplace accidents are associated with alcohol in safety-critical industries such as construction (NHS, 2006).
  • 27% of employers say drug misuse is a problem at work, while 60% have experienced problems due to staff drinking alcohol (Alcohol Concern, 2010).
  • 33% of employees admit to being at work with a hangover from the night before, which they accept impacts directly on their own productivity and safety (Institute of Alcohol Studies, 2015).
  • 17 million working days a year are lost in England due to alcohol-related sickness. More than a third of adults admitting to having used illegal drugs (Health and Safety at work, 2007).
  • Each year £12.2 billion is spent on alcohol-sickness absence costs in the UK (Faculty of Public Health, 2006).
  • 3 million deaths a year are a result of harmful drugs and alcohol use (World Health Organisation, 2015).

At SureScreen we can also provide on-site testing for the construction industry, a wide range of testing products, accurate and quick turnaround lab confirmations, and extensive in-depth training. There is helpful information on how to minimise the impact of drugs and alcohol in the Considerate Construction scheme.

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