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10 Reasons to Drug & Alcohol Test in the Workplace

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1. Workplace Safety

All employees have the right to work in a safe environment. It is a legal requirement for each company to have a Health and Safety policy, of which a Drug and Alcohol policy should be included.

This policy helps reduce the risk of accidents and manage the consequences. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the workplace impairs the ability of an individual to carry out their duties. If the individual is in charge of heavy or dangerous machinery there is a genuine risk to the people around them.

Even if substances are not taken whilst at work, effects from consuming drugs or alcohol outside working hours can last well into the following day. For example, the highest instances of alcohol detection is in a ‘morning after’ scenario, and the same could be said of drugs of abuse.

Having well planned drug and alcohol testing as part of a Drug & Alcohol policy ensures a safer workforce.

2. Work Quality

Hiring staff can be a risky business as, more often than not, you’ll only spend an hour or so with them before having to make a decision. Pre-employment drug tests can be especially useful in identifying any recent use or habits before they start to affect your business.
Routine testing of staff will lower the chance of workplace accidents and save hours of human resource time going through disciplinary proceedings.

3. Lower Health Insurance Costs

Companies that have a well defined Drug and Alcohol policy enforced by screening programmes often get a better rate of insurance. If the chances of drug and alcohol related accidents are reduced, so too will be the insurance that would normally be used to cover them.  Insurance companies like Drug and Alcohol testing to be enforced, particularly in an industrial-focused workplace.

4. Lower Staff Turnover

Again, workplace pre-employment checks will stop you bringing a problem individual into your business, so there is less chance you will have to remove them somewhere down the line. Having screening in place has been proven to act as a deterrent to use of drugs and alcohol that effects individuals during working hours.

5. A More Productive Workplace

Individuals who consume drugs and alcohol are more likely to be less productive than those who don’t. Fatigue and lack of cognitive performance can lead to a lack of concentration and unfinished tasks, general inefficiency and potentially important details being inaccurate or missed. The longer something takes to be completed, the more it costs the business.

6. Reduced Recruitment Costs

As drug and alcohol abuse are deterred, staff retention is greater, meaning costs associated with recruitment are reduced, and costly training requirements for new staff due to churn rate are mitigated.

7. Lower Risk of Work Related Accidents

Employees are paid to perform the duties asked of them to the best possible standard within the scope of their abilities. However, being under the influence of a drug or alcohol means that focus and awareness suffer. Someone who is impaired when behind the wheel of a forklift or crane can be especially dangerous or fatal, not only for the operator of the machinery, but the people around them – from other work colleagues to the general public.

8. Less Conflict In The Workplace

Mood swings, higher absenteeism, lying, sloppy work, higher risk of accident. These are just a few potential issues that an employer can face as a result of a drug and alcohol user that goes unchecked. You might also expect there to be conflict among colleagues as well. While companies can be generally supportive of an individual who is trying to get over an addiction, covering shifts and doing someone else’s work can cause friction, pressure and frustration for those who just want to get on with their jobs and maintain their workflow.

9. Lower Absenteeism

A study found that workers with alcohol problems were 2.7 times more likely than workers without drinking problems to have injury-related absences. High absenteeism can cost a business dearly.

10. Why Drug Testing at Work is Cost Effective

The cost of drug testing is often relatively low compared with the massive costs that can occur if impairment at work goes undetected. Accidents, absenteeism, unusually high staff turnover, low worker productivity and damage to your reputation all add extra cost to the business which can lead into thousands if not managed and planned for in the correct way.

Please contact SureScreen today to see how we can help you implement a drug testing policy that is right for your business. We have years of expertise and can offer free, impartial advice.

Call us now on +44 (0) 1332 365318 or to learn more visit our Workplace Drug Testing Page

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