Introducing Our New SureScreen Diagnostics Factory

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June 2021

We have opened our new SureScreen Diagnostics Factory, marking another step in the company’s expansion.

The new warehouse comes after the UK government ordered 20 million of our lateral flow tests, not to mention the demand from overseas.

Director David Campbell told Derbyshire Live: “It is a big investment for us. We see it as a platform for future innovative tests.

“It will be among the best lateral flow facilities in Europe, and we are expanding in all areas of production and investing in cutting-edge equipment to scale up further.

“This will mean incredible growth of the company, which comes with challenges, but we are committed to helping governments and companies worldwide to be on top of Covid-19 and its variants.

“We are well-known for Covid-19 tests, but this is a new platform for our other products such as alcohol and drug testing, pregnancy tests, male fertility tests, testing for new infections diseases, HIV and being ready for new health crises.

“It’s important that we build a platform in the UK to be ready for future healthcare needs, including possible future pandemics, and we believe this facility will help to do just that.”

The expansion should provide hundreds more jobs over the next few months.

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