Why we’re shouting about the 6-AM Heroin Drugs of Abuse Test

Screening for Heroin abuse has always been problematic due to the cross-reactivity of other opiate metabolites such as morphine.

SureScreen’s new Heroin specific drug test strip, 6-AM, eliminates those cross-reactivity issues.

We have known cases where medication has been taken or a prescription sought to cover an underlying heroin problem in the hope that it would enable the individual to evade detection.

To combat these scenarios, SureScreen’s new 6-AM test specifically detects 6-Acetylmorphine which is one of 3 metabolites of heroin. When we detect this metabolite in urine, we can be sure that there are no other opiates responsible for the test result.

The 6-AM test is available as a single test strip, ideal to accompany regular screening, and will be available in SureScreen’s range of Multipanels and Integrated Cups very soon.

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