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If you work within transport and logistics, you know it is a bustling industry with unique challenges, and one which is growing in the UK and Europe. As such, health and safety is undoubtedly one of the main priorities in the management of workforces in this sector.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

The well-being of employees working in such a high-risk sector is of paramount importance, not just for their peace of mind, but also for yours.

Recent studies show that around 10% of drivers screened are testing positive for drugs of abuse - typically used to relieve boredom, or to stay awake.

The impact of drug and alcohol use within an organisation

The impact of drug and alcohol use within an organisation

  • Company reputation on the line
  • Potentially void insurance if the use of drugs and alcohol are shown to contribute to a vehicle collision or other serious accident
  • Reduction in perception, interaction and rationality in the individual
  • Reduction in productivity of the individual
  • Reduction of duty of care to colleagues and those around the individual
  • Potential increase in absence of the individual
  • Affect and influence on culture and colleagues

Our Recommendations For Transport & Logistics

A robust Drug and Alcohol Policy is the first port of call. We believe in prevention where-ever possible, so having a pro-active approach and affecting the culture in the business is important, as you want to address any substance problems head-on before an issue or scenario arises.

Having drug and alcohol screening in place supports your policy and sets the stance from the top down that these substances have no place at work.

01.For-cause/suspicion screening for drugs and alcohol icon

For-cause/suspicion screening for drugs and alcohol

02.Random screening for drugs and alcohol icon

Random screening for drugs and alcohol

03.Pre-employment drug screening icon

Pre-employment drug screening

04.Occupational Health testing and surveillance icon

Occupational Health testing and surveillance

We work with many household names, helping them to shape, roll-out and conduct on-site screening to best industry practice.

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